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Hey guys! New stuff is finally up in the store! Please check it out if you have the time! :) I hope you’ll like the new products. 
You guys are amazing! Have a wonderful day!

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I’m currently working on these starter pendants. I wanted to try something different by making my designs more complex. I’m still learning so the designs aren’t as good or clean as they could be. Hopefully after baking, I can clean them up pretty nicely. I do have many more clay creations besides these ones. I’ll try to finish them by the end of next week! 

I haven’t posted on here in months and I’m so sorry about that! The first semester of college has been so busy for me. Over the past few days I started to make charms again. I’ll be updating my shop pretty soon with more new stuff! I’m hoping that I’ll have more time second semester to make charms at school as well. I’ll post up some WIP pictures soon as well. Hope you all had a nice holiday!

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Honey Blood Reopened →

The store is officially reopened! Please check out and like the official Facebook page as well!

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I’m going to try to reopen the store this weekend. I was planning to last weekend, but something happened and I was unable to work on it. 

Hope everyone is doing well :)

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I’m in Madison right now and it’s been great so far! Here are some Puppycat rings that I made before I left. These will be on sale once I reopen the store so I hope you’re all looking forward to it!

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Before and after. I’ve really improved in a year’s time and I hope that I’ll keep improving. But ugh look at the old one. So terrible. 

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Today is the last day that my store will be open. I’m moving to college on Wednesday and will reopen the store in a week or two with a bunch of new stuff so I hope you all will look forward to it! For now, please take a look around my store and see if you’d like anything before it closes tomorrow. Available at:

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Animal Crossing Jewelry. Available at

Just got my first order. This is so exciting and I am incredibly happy right now :)